8bet started as an exclusive bitcoin online lottery, it has been operating since 2017 but has created other sister websites for cryptos like Litecon and Dogecoin as well. It is a player-powered, provably fair, and zero margins online gambling platform. They deal with smaller denominations of Bitcoin called Milibit, that is 1 mBTC is equal to 00.00100000 BTC.


8bet.io has three lotteries to choose from among other games, the free cryptolotto that will provide you a free ticket every 8 hours with a jackpot prize of 1000 mBTC. The Revolution lotto and the People’s one with the prize of 11,513 mBTC. They host a lottery of 6 other cryptocurrencies on sister platforms.

Payment Method

8bet.io has sister sites for accepting and paying in 8 different cryptocurrencies, they are Bitcoin, Dash, Doge, Litecoin, XMR, and ZEC. 

UI Experience

A flashy website showcasing all their offers and games.  A variety of games and events to participate in gives one a feel of a festival.

Mobile Availability

The mobile site isn’t optimized for the smaller screen and the loading speed is slow which may cause frustration to users while payment, all other elements are just as the website.

Winner Creation

Winners are ranked according to how many numbers are matched, prizes are given to users who match all six numbers or at the least two.

Customer Service

8bet.io has customer services on Telegram and Reddit, this is proven convenient as it leaves more information created about the process. They also have their own e-mail support.


The free cryptolotto charges 0.05 mBTC for a ticket every 8 hours once purchased, the Revolution lotto is priced at 0.50 mBTC per ticket and the people’s one is a 0.20 mBTC.