BigTicket was established in 1992 and is one of the longest-running lottery and raffle draws events. It is held in Abu Dhabi and has given out millions of cash prizes and luxury cars, yes cars. With time comes change and how well you adapt to it, lets take a look at how well BigTicket does according to our criteria.


Like mentioned before, BigTicket also gives out luxury cars as prizes. That being said the lotteries range from AED 10 million, AED 12 million, AED 15 million, and AED 20 million. 

Payment Method

BigTcket only accepts fiat money through Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

UI Experience

The BigTicket website is a bland one only because of the amount of information they put up about their events. It’s not really an experience but it gets the job done.

Mobile Availability

The mobile site is exactly the same as their website, but with a lot less information than promotions.

Winner Creation

The ‘DreamCar’ series boasts a series of luxury cars with just one lucky winner getting the prize, their lotteries create a variation of winners based on the size of jackpots. Their recent draw ad 10 winners.

Customer Service

The website has a rather quick response chatbox float, apart from that you can use your e-mail or phone number to reach them.


A Big Ticket cast AED .500 only for both the jackpots and Dreamcar series. Since they have been running for over 25+ years, their pricing is for people to be able to participate.


The Lottery is authorized and operated by the Govt. of the UAE, it is even backed by the government.