Duckdice has been around since 2016 giving many the opportunity to try skill-based and luck-based games with virtual money. It is an online provably fair and cryptocurrency gambling site that started out with just a dice game. The Duckdice lottery was the second game introduced on their website and has since become a popular one. Let’s see how well Duckdice does according to our review criteria?


Duckdice runs just one lottery every day, that seems fair as it’s not just a lottery platform but hosts other games as well. There is a range of winners depending on the results. The jackpot amount is $100,000 for matching 5 numbers and the jackpot ball, $3000 + 100 tickets for matching 5 numbers, matching 4 numbers get you $20 + 20 tickets, matching 3 numbers gets you $1 + 1 ticket, matching 2 numbers or less gets you 1 ticket.

Payment methods

Since Duckdice is a crypto lottery, they deal their payment in crypto. They currently accept Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. Crypto wallets such as them are the safest payment method for a crypto lottery.

UI experience

An immersive website UI, easy to work your way around it and understand how it works. Easy to get submerged into the Duckdice world, their users are called Ducklings!

Mobile availability

The mobile site is just as good, clean, and informative. A toned-down website with a minimalistic theme. Easy to play the Duckdice lottery on the go now.

Winner creation

Ducklings can buy an unlimited quantity of tickets choosing numbers manually or automatically using random generation. There are 3 tiers of winners, which split their part of the Bankroll:

All ducklings with 5 matching numbers share 50% of Bankroll

All ducklings with 4 matching numbers share 30% of Bankroll

All ducklings with 3 matching numbers share 20% of Bankroll

Customer Service

There’s not a lot when it comes to customer support, the best a user can do is choose from a preset of FAQs or submit a request. To most users who might be frustrated, this system would be of little help.


To participate in the lottery, a ticket costs only $0.1 to enter but a user can buy as many tickets as they like. There are other games to participate in as well, but the rewards only complement the risk level of bets.


Duckdice is authorized by the Government of Curacao, certified by officials, and renewed every twelve months.

All in all, Duckduce is an online gambling platform that also offers a lottery but is not the main event.