Fair Millions is a crypto lottery that declares itself the most “provably fair lottery system” on the internet. You can play without having to register an account, which offers a fair degree of anonymity to players wishing to keep their adventures under wraps. That being said, there’s more to lotteries than just anonymity but it does go a long way. Here’s how well Fair Millions does according to what users look for in an online lottery.


There are also two other types of lotteries for you to play. The free lottery games can be played with up to 3 tickets per day, and each ticket snapped up can add 20 satoshis to the jackpot prize. The instant lottery offers you the chance to play a quick lotto game, It’s more of an instant win title than the real lottery game.

Payment Method

Fair Millions is strictly bitcoin, you need a bitcoin wallet address to deposit into an account. You don’t need a username if you don’t want one, but you need a bitcoin address. Once you’ve got that, there are no limits on how much or how little you can deposit. Withdrawals are required to be at least the amount of 0.0000543 BTC.

UI Experience

A lot of space for improvement, the website does enough to host the lotteries. There’s not much information regarding how it works or about the platform.

Mobile Availability

The mobile site is optimized for smaller screens and follows pretty much the same design as the website.

Winner Creation

Players need to match at least 2 numbers. The prizes are then distributed from the pot, include an in-house edge.

Customer Services

Fair Million has a contact us page where users can send emails, their Facebook and Twitter pages have been set up for engagement. That is all there is, you can try your luck.


Tickets are on sale starting from 0.001 BTC, players have to choose between 6 and 16 numbers on their ticket. The 6-number tickets are considerably cheaper than the 16-number tickets since the latter gives you a greater chance of winning.