Peergame is an initiative that has been running since Bitcoin was reborn as BSV, based on the belief that blockchain is the backbone of internet security. It is an online crypto lottery, mainly a bitcoin lottery which pays out in BSV a newer variant of Bitcoin that was spurred due to a network split. Let’s take a look at Peergame under the review criteria and see how it ranks


Their website offers games such as Dic, Roulette, coin flip, wheel, and baccarat apart from the lottery. The lottery itself resets every 100 blocks as it runs on a blockchain, approximately every 16 hours. The last 100th block has a unique hash. The last 5 alphanumerics of the block hash are the lucky number. In order to win the jackpot, the last alphanumerics of transaction ID, that is generated when buying a ticket, must match the last alphanumerics of the target block hash.

Payment Method

Peergame lottery is purely a bitcoin lottery, meaning it only deals with bitcoin deposits and withdrawals.

UI Experience

The website gives users a retro arcade type of an experience, with a neon purple and flashy game selection mode, keeps users submerged in their content and information.

Mobile Availability

The mobile site is well optimized and similar to the website, appealing design and color palette.

Winner Creation

1st place with the odds of 1/1048576 wins 80% of the Jackpot (excluding 3rd, 4th & 5th), 2nd place with the odds of 1/65536 wins 5% of the Jackpot (excluding 3rd, 4th & 5th), The 3rd, 4th, and 5th place winners receive tickets respective to their ranks. 

Customer Services

The help center is limited to a float chatbox, consisting of articles to search from, there is no engagement done. Users can contact through the e-mail ID provided on the website for queries.


A ticket costs 0.01 BTC, users can purchase up to 1,000 tickets from their BTC wallets.


Peergame is authorized and certified with a license and registration incorporated in curacao.